Social Media Marketing

I still remember those old days when I was crazy for Facebook pages back then in 2011-12 during my Secondary education. It’s all started with fun just to gain more and more likes without any second thought that it’s going to change my life drastically. I still remember my and friends created multiple Facebook pages and we successfully gained a following in Millions. We were like Industry leaders with huge audiences but without any knowledge of it but we were children haha who were doing all this for fun’s sake. But once incident changed my whole vision when I earned online for the first time, just for doing promotion someone competition image on Facebook and he won that challenge and he paid for me that task. It was like $400 bucks during school season which was a huge amount for me. The competition was huge because it was introduced by Radio Channel of USA California and still remember they gave me credit in the live show for huge audience exposure to their channel. All this excitement and crazy to achieve something pushed me to explore more and more about the internet for different possibilities and opportunities to start my part-time career.