Blogging, SEO & Marketing

After getting experience in Facebook Growth Hacking, I started exploring the web with my friends to find other opportunities where we can do something, Our main motive was to build something without any motive of earning or having any thought about business or career. Then I came to know about fields like Blogging & SEO, Since 2012, I started my journey as Tech Blogger, and as a hobby, I started writing topics on Technology. Back then I have no idea that blogging can be something I can build a full-time career, after exploring more and more, I came to know about Advertising platforms Like Google Adsense and other fields just like SEO which plays an important role. Once I start to engage in all these, my vision was clear that I am going to make my career online with start more and more web services by gaining knowledge and experience. Since then I shifting my focus to another industry field like Marketing & Brand creation. So I stopped writing myself due to time issues but we are still active in Blogging & SEO with a team of writers and content creators on my own self-funded projects like Tech Blogs, Other Informational Websites, Youtube Channels. Basically, we create content that we see while searching for Search Engines & Youtube.

Basically, Blogging & SEO is my primary field of work where my online journey begins towards my financial freedom. I am still a major source of income Blogging & SEO which helps me to fund my other marketing operations and support my personal finances too. My long-term vision for blogging is clear I want to build my own Big Branded level online Magazine where users will gel information and the latest news.